Real Time Insurable Asset Valuation provides users with Real time asset valuations ensuring our customers have adequate cover in place without paying too much.

Real-Time Dashboard

Perfect opportunity to assess your assets on the go whether on your mobile tablet or desktop.

Historic Data

With a premium account you can keep track of the market trends within the last 6 years


Jewellery Valuation

Quick & Easy process to get up to date values for all your precious items in SECONDS

Claim Management Tool

Stress free valuations provided for all items to assist you when making a claim

Using Industry Experts

Our team of over 15 professionals have vast experience within their sectors to address all insurance valuations.

Insurance Expertise

About Us is a website valuation service, formed primarily to provide the consumer with easily accessible asset values for insurance purposes.

Upon subscribing to values can be obtained for your property, vehicles, jewellery and contents. We believe this service will save anyone, who needs to value some or all of their personal assets for insurance purposes; time and money.

Our founders have a wealth of experience gained from working in both the jewellery and insurance industries. We have combined that experience and developed a system to provide the consumer with a far cheaper, easier alternative in obtaining or updating values on their assets and in particular items of jewellery.

We trust you will find our website helpful, intuitive and easy to use but if you are unsure whether it's right for you, then why not open and use our free, no obligation demo account first, before deciding to upgrade to a paid account and use the additional features available.

  • FREE INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL VALUATIONS (Our valuations are only for jewellery & watches) (We do not value Art & Antiques)
  • Our Jewellery valuations are quoted for you in seconds. Simply type the details of your items and our software will provide a valuation instantly.
  • Our Watches valuations will be provided within 5 working days.
  • Once you have added your information, you will never have to pay for any future valuations.
  • There are no hidden charges, our system is simply free and you will receive realtime valuations every week.
  • Store photos, documents and personal assets in our secured site.
  • Our valuations are approved by Insurance Brokers listed.
  • Our professional valuers have added its first online instant valuation service for all Insurance purposes.
  • If you have an old jewellery valuation, simply type the information from you certificate and follow instructions on our site for your instant valuation.

Insurance Content Calculator
Online Valuation with a difference

Most policyholders have inadequate cover when taking out home their insurance policy. The main reason for this is that most people have no idea what their contents are actually worth. LogMyAssets have designed a new formula to value each item and ensure that you are always protected when a claim arises or make sure that you are paying the right premium.

Documentation Uploads

The system provides subscribers with filing tools to store photos, receipts and important documentation with each asset which can be essential in proving the validity of a claim.

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Insurance Jewellery Certificate

Same day online valuation certification with photos and supporting documentation. Being able to prove you owned the items and provide a market valuation assists and usually speeds up any claim.

"I couldn't believe i was paying over £120 more than i needed to every year to insure my jewellery. I guess values go down as well as up."
Brian Curtis
from London
"Before using i was under-insured by over £2000. Thankfully I found out before renewing my insurance policy or losing anything."
Ted Miller
from York
"I was really surprised how easy it was to get valuations for all my jewellery. The engagement ring, wedding rings ang even my mums old gems."
Kirsty Ackrell
from Essex

Premium features also include

Real Time Valuation

Precious metals & gem valuations are delivered in real time. Not only that, why not see our Residential Property and Vehicle values. Tell us as much information as possible about your assets and our system will do the rest. No need to speak with anyone, just do it in the comfort of your own home. Easy and stress free.

Historic Jewellery Valuation

Always wanted to know how much your items were worth last year or even 6 years ago? Well this will be the prefect opportunity to find out. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

Fully covered?

Why not value as many assets as possible to prevent any delays arising in the event that you wish to make a claim. Most Insurance companies will always ask for proof of purchase, any supporting documentation, photo evidence and valuations. We offer you an opportunity to store all supporting evidence on our system until the time is needed to make a stress free claim.

Claim Valuation Service

Our insurance claim service is a new and different way of approaching your claim. Simply add your receipts, photos, proof of ownership and type your information into our system. We shall value all items or even provide you variable values to present your insurance company. This will provide you with a stress free process and ensure that you get paid out quicker.


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